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MIU Round 3 guidelines finalized

Download a memo from Provost Paul M. DeLuca Jr. outlining final guidelines for the third round of funding decisions for the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates (Round 3 of the MIU). UW-Madison has approximately $3.8M to allocate in Round 3, completing the allocation of MIU funds. Proposals must be submitted to the Provost’s Office by Nov. 29.

Download the full document (PDF)

2 responses to “MIU Round 3 guidelines finalized”

  1. Hi –
    I got an error message when Itried to download the phase 3 final MIU guidelines by clicking the link on:

    Is there a different link that will allow me access to the round 3 MIU guidelines/application information?
    Thank you,
    Jean H

    Jean Heitz
  2. Jean, it should work now. Thanks for writing us.

    University Communications