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Regents approve 4-year UW-Madison tuition hike

From the AP: Tuition will go up $250 per year for the next four years for most University of Wisconsin-Madison students.

The UW System Board of Regents voted Friday to approve Chancellor Biddy Martin’s plan to add a tuition surcharge of $250 next fall for in-state undergraduates and $750 for students from other states. Read the full story.

8 responses to “Regents approve 4-year UW-Madison tuition hike”

  1. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Are you not charging us out of state students enough already?

    Brenna Devaney
  2. How about the Chancellor taking a pay cut that grows by $250 per year over the next four years. That would prove her committment to the program by “putting her money where her mouth is”. To add another cliche, “actions speak louder than words”.

    R. Gionet
  3. What is particularly troublesome about this tuition increase is tht it ignores the research on the high tuition/high aid models. The research indicates that this type of policy doesn’t work. The result is the reduction of affordability for both resident and nonresident students.

    Furthermore, UW, the Regents, and the State of Wisconsin should investigate why Joanne Berg attempted to silence UW’s own resident expert on this issue, Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab, as she describes in her blog.

    Was Berg acting on her own in the attempted silencing of relevant, dissenting research and expert opinion on the Madison Initiative, or under the direction of Chancellor Martin?

    How dishonest has UW been on this issue in order to railroad an additional tuition increase onto students and their families because they refuse to operate in a more cost-effective and efficient manner?

    Sharon R.
  4. You now expect us to pay (as students) $250 dollars more per year on top of tuition increases and now decreases in Federal Grants. What happened to making college more affordable and accessible?

  5. I am quite puzzled at how adding an additional $250 or $750 fee per student per year is making UW Madison MORE affordable.

  6. Out of state students already pay through their teeth, its now to a point for a few thousand more I can go to a private school with tiny classes and PROFESSORS rather than large lecture halls and grad students. Charging this much for a large public state school education is ridiculous.

  7. As an engineering student I already pay additional engineering department fees to attend UW-Madison. I don’t believe that paying an extra $750 (out-of state) will increase the quality of my engineering education– instead it will to out to the other colleges, which I believe is unfair in practice.

    Jaclyn Buffo
  8. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Are you not charging us out of state students enough already?