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Martin to propose new initiative to UW System Board of Regents

From the Daily Cardinal: Chancellor Biddy Martin will officially propose the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates to the UW System Board of Regents Thursday.

Martin will attend the meeting in Milwaukee and submit her proposal to the Business, Finance and Audit Committee, according to John Lucas, a spokesperson for UW-Madison. Read the full story.

One response to “Martin to propose new initiative to UW System Board of Regents”

  1. Unfortunately it appears likely that what the UW could gain financially from this effort will be netted out by a reduction in state support. The current state economic situation appears more grim than they were when the initial budgets were prepared. I fully expect a further significant reduction in the UW budget by the time all is said and done. At least it will prevent further erosion in the programs we do have.
    UW administrators must often feel they are doing the job of Sisyphus.

    Frank Rojas