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Biddy Martin statement on ASM endorsement of Madison Initiative

“Over the past month, our remarkable students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents, have engaged in a lively discussion of the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates. Together, we have had wide-ranging and productive exchanges about the quality of the institution, access to courses and need-based financial aid, the future of student services and ways to create a new partnership between our students and donors.

Tonight, I am deeply grateful for the full support of the Associated Students of Madison (ASM) Student Council. We have worked collaboratively to enhance the proposal, ensuring student participation in the process as well as in the oversight of the initiative.” Read the full statement.

One response to “Biddy Martin statement on ASM endorsement of Madison Initiative”

  1. Both as a parent of a UW student and a 32-year university employee, I disagree strongly with the idea of raising student fees/tuition to pay for additional faculty. I am waiting for you to visit the Statistics Department where I work here in the Medical Science Center so I can voice some concerns about hiring new faculty. Your comment about AMS sending the recommendation to you to raise the fee despite the survey they conducted where most students objected to higher fees doesn’t sit well in this economy. Most students are involved and busy with their studies, not bothering with the other side of academics. They only look forward to doing well in school and getting a job. Meanwhile we, the parents, who foot the tuition bill, are very concerned with fees going up. A good example of spending money elsewhere is that only 1700 students voted to replace Union South. Why should only 1700 students determine such an expensive undertaking when there are 41,000 students? I asked our graduate students why they didn’t vote on that issue last Fall and their response was that they thought it would only mean higher tuition and since our department already pays their tuition they weren’t concerned. When I showed them the paper that said that extra amount ($169 for the next 30 years) would be on their required student fees they were stunned and surprised. They said that was not what they heard.
    If you have a few moments I wouldn’t mind seeing you in Statistics here on campus.

    Jude Grudzina